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October 28, 2013
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TOT: Kohaku, Kaoruka by Tiny-Midget TOT: Kohaku, Kaoruka by Tiny-Midget

For the group: :icontempleoftruth:

Name: Kohaku, Kaoruka
Age: 16 years old
Gender: male

Personal information:
Personality: Kaoruka is a very intelligent young man who questions most things around him. He's skeptical against everything which to him doesn't seem logic. He talks a lot when he's around people he likes, and is far from being shy when it comes to meeting new people. He has a great sense of justice and doesn't like seeing people treated badly. But he tend to be kind of needy most of the time as he basically can't take care of himself just yet. He's mature and yet childish at the same time. Mature when it comes to his way of thinking and seeing things from different perspectives, and childish and immature when it comes to taking care of himself and his own life. If he had lived alone he would starve to death, finding that he can't cook nor is he able to work much to earn money (He's a bit of a sloppy and lazy, irresponsible person). Kaoruka in general thinks a lot about things, and he loves to socialize and meet new people, as these new impressions gives him new things to think of and he believes it makes his life rich. He shows great empathy and is very caring towards people who he treasures. Other than that he's stubborn and has quite the temper which is mainly tricked off when he finds that something is unfair. He hates being alone and will cry easily despite his attempt on holding tears back, he can't deny the fact that he's very emotional.

Positive personality traits:

    :bulletblack: Intelligent

    :bulletblack: strong sense of justice

    :bulletblack: mature in some ways

    :bulletblack: curious

    :bulletblack: emphatic

    Negative personality traits:

    :bulletblack: curious to a point where it just harms himself

    :bulletblack: childish in many aspects

    :bulletblack: sloppy and lazy

    :bulletblack: stubborn

    :bulletblack: hot tempered


    H & T: He likes flowers, so gardening and flower decorations is of his liking and talent

    H & T: Dancing and playing traditional instruments (mainlt shiamisen)

    H: watching the night sky and nature in general – mainly at night.

    H: Socializing

    H: everything that includes learning new stuff


    :bulletblack: Being alone – he hates it and it scares him

    :bulletblack: heights – he's scared to fall down

    :bulletblack: his physical apperance – he's weak and short, makes him a bad fighter

    :bulletblack: Pain – he's really scared of getting physically hurt – makes him somewhat the coward.

    :bulletblack: Handsome men and beautiful women – makes him insecure on himself

    :bulletblack: his lazy and sloppy personality makes it difficult for him to really get things done.


    + Flowers

    + nightsky, stars and the moon

    + beautiful music and landscapes

    + water

    + Feeling free

    + Socializing

    + people who can make him laugh

    + Strong people (both by body and mind)

    - Raijin

    - Being alone

    - Dark places with no light

    - Religion – he believes it's all some bullshit who “Raijin the demon” came up with to control the humans

    - Being told he's not right

    - Pain and scary shit.

    Background information:

    Mother: (42 years) Kohaku, Momochi – a very kind and fragile looking woman. She taught Kaoruka how to do flower decorations and to play the Siamese along with dancing. Kaoruka and his mother always had a strong bond to each other

    Father: (51 years) Kohaku, Hirokawa – a strict but loving man who would do everything to take care of his family. Kaoruka and him never had that strong of a bond as Kaoruka and his mother had, but they were still close to each other by a regular family bond.

    Oldest brother: (24 years) Kohaku, Nigiyao – the oldest son in the family. A strong leader type who does his best to step in the footsteps of his father. Kauroka has the same bond to him as he has to his father.

    The twins: (21 years) Kohaku, Daisuke and Daichi – These two boys are like two drops of water; they seem very identical both in personality and looks. Very active boys who were quite the pranksters of the small mountain village the family lived in. Kaoruka never had a good bond to these, and they would often fight.

    Older sister: (XX years) – she died during her birth, so she never got a name

    Youngest older brother: (18 years) Kohaku, Yukiru – the more kind brother who, just like Kaoruka, had a strong bond to the mother. Yukiru and Kaoruka would often play together as small kids.
    :bulletred:(0-5 years): Kaoruka was born a cold winter morning to the joy of his family; every time a child was born there was a risk of the mother or the child dying. But the family got a small but healthy baby boy. The mother had so wanted a daughter, but believed it was the god's will that they should only have sons – to the joy of the father. Sons meant they could work for the family. Not much happened during these early years, and Kaoruka would mostly just play with his siblings or watch his mother's work in doing flower decorations. Each year they would travel to the holy city to kneel around it along with all the other's from all over Asia to pray to their god Raijin and ask for a blessing upon both them and the citizens of the holy city.
    :bulletred:(5-10 years): due to the wish of his mother, Kaoruka would learn about flowers and gardening rather than fishing, hunting and other things which his siblings would learn. The mother had gotten permission by her beloved husband to raise their youngest son with more grace than the other brothers. They figured that they should raise their smallest son as a priest; peaceful and with a love for beauty. So would it happen. Kaoruka learned about traditional dance, he learned to read and write – unlike his brothers who would learn all sorts of practical stuff. The parents wish of making their son become a priest resulted in Kaoruka growing his hair out. The village had a belief that cutting your hair would make your ability to learn smaller, and they also believed it would displease the god to have a priest with short hair, seeing as the god himself had his long. Most of the time during these 5 years he would be taught about all the different ceremonies, and the child became strong of his believes.
    :bulletred:(10-16 year): Kaoruka grew up to be a beautiful young man who was strong in his faith and had a strong sense of justice and showed great empathy. In the age of 12 he would start teaching the younger kids in the village about the ceremonies and how to do traditional dancing and instruments. He could still run out and play with his siblings, but most of the time he would be reading and writing or gardening with his mother. Through all of his life they had each year made their travel to the holy city, but at the age of 16 the trip would change his life. The village hadn't been doing well for a whole year, and finding that they had nothing to give the god at their next journey for the holy City, the heads of the village would talk together, and ask Kaoruka's parents for permission to offer Kaoruka to the god Raijin. The mother would cry at first, but knowing that it was the only way for the city to become right again, she would agree to it. Kaoruka was scared at first, but being strong in his faith he agreed to it. So when the time finally came and the journey to the city had been made, Kaoruka would meet Raijin for the first time in his life. Believing he would die from the offering, would he keep his eyes closed most of the time during the ceremony that would allow him to go into the city. But something apparently went wrong during the ceremony, and the water which should become clear, would become red as blood. This was how Kaoruka ended up as a doll. A few months passed, and Kaoruka's hate for Raijin begun shortly after his arrival and would only grow through the time he spend there. It didn't take long for Kaoruka to question everything around him, and his faith died. He simply didn't believe that this man could be a god. He felt tricked and would claim Raijin to be a demon, and not the god who they all believed so strong in.

    Additional information:
    Voice sample:
    optional extra info:

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