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SSG: Asahina, Hiroshi by Tiny-Midget SSG: Asahina, Hiroshi by Tiny-Midget
Some of you may be thinking; HOW MANY CHARS DO YOU HAVE IN THIS GROUP!? :iconmingplz: ... but.. well.. the other guy character is an npc, so he doesn't count lol xD


Rp style: [link]

Name: Asahina, Hiroshi
Age: 17 years of age
Year: Second
Height: 178 cm | 5'10''
Weight: 61,4kg | 135 lbs
Blood type: A-
Birth date: October the 24th
Nationality: Japanese
Clubs: Art, Kendo, Music
:pointr: Father: Asahina Takeshi, Dead. Hiroshi hates his father, yet he loves him deeply. the sad thing is, that he's dead, for which Hiroshi can't ever forgive him.
:pointr: Mother: Asahina Asuka, 42 years old. She's just another poor victim of unfortunate circumstances. When her husband died she lost it, started to drink as she cried every night. she lost track of her childrens, even thou she kept on trying to raise them by her own. Hiroshi loves his mother, yet he doesn't really have much respect towards her.
:pointr: Older brother: Asahina Ryuichi, 22 years old. Hiroshi look very much up to his older brother. he loves him dearly and would even take a bullet for him. There is no such thing as he wouldn't do for him if he asked him to, and Ryuichi feels the same way. Ryuichi lives by himself, and often Hiroshi stays at his place instead of at home. they share many of the same interests, they never argue and rarely disagree.
:pointr: Younger sister: Asahina Tsukimo, 15 years old. Where his relation to his brother is a strong bond, it's different to his sister. They always argue and doesn't get along that well. Yet he is the protective older brother, and she does love him too, but rarely shows it. in general Tsukimo has a distrust to men.
Personality: Hiroshi is very selfcentered, egoistic and selfloving. He can spend a whole hour in the morning fixing his hair and adding a bit of eye makeup, cleaning his piercings and all that stuff before going to school. He's very confident with himself, and it's super rare for him to feel insecure. But that's not all there is to him. Even thou he often use people just to gaign something himself, he's super loyal to his friends, and as soon as he consider you as one of these beloved friends, he'll fight to the bitter end for you. He's that kind of guy who doesn't believe in love, as nobody this far haven't ever been able to move his heart. Comming from a broken home he's doubting that love even excists, ad he had often heard his parents tell each other how much they loved each other, and they often told their children aswell. But as his father passed by he felt betrayed. the feeling of betrayal never left him, and let nothing stay behind but the feeling of loosing someone. He's thoughtfull and even thou he often seems like a good for nothing troublemaker, he's actually thinking a lot about his actions. It makes him sneaky, and to some people even charming. Further more it's worth to mention that he loves to tease people, and as the rumor goes; he's a ladies man. He enjoys women company both just for socializing aswell as the more physical parts of it. However he's not limited to women only. a few men attracts his attention too. that's when he becomes dangerous and sometimes even mean. he treats women nicely when interested in them, but he's having a bad habbit of becomming rude and forcefull towards men. He knows no such thing as respect towards his elders - only really old people.
:pointr: Women (and some men)
:pointr: sweets
:pointr: piercings and tattoos
:pointr: everything that's a bit dangerous
:pointr: to draw
:pointr: to sing
:pointr: Kendo
:pointr: Street fights
:pointr: his scooter
:pointr: his siblings
:pointr: food
:pointr: Scary movies
:pointr: busty women and cute girls
:pointr: to dance

:pointr: Tea
:pointr: coffee
:pointr: dense people
:pointr: unintelligent people
:pointr: noisy and lovesick girls
:pointr: classic music
:pointr: goodytwoshoe people (he wan't to destroy their personalities and mess with them)
:pointr: overemotional people
:pointr: cute looking stuff (ribbons, pink colors, frills, all that stuff)
:pointr: Alcohol

Talents and/or hobbies:
:pointr: To make tattoo's and artistical scars
:pointr: To pierce
:pointr: To draw
:pointr: To sing
:pointr: Kendo
:pointr: Dancing

:pointr: He's having a hard time comitting himself to someone
:pointr: He's having a hard time accepting not everybody would find him hot and attractive.
:pointr: He's suffering from anemia, so he faints from time to other when he has raised up too fast from laying or sitting down.
:pointr: He doesn't know how to respond to love confessions. that's probably one of the only things that can make him feel insecure
:pointr: Children creeps him out. watching their big eyes give him chills in the very bad way.
:pointr: He's afraid of getting drunk, or people around him getting too drunk.

Bio: Hiroshi got born into a loving, gentle family with an older brother, and not many years later a beautiful baby sister too. His parents loved each other deeply, and gave their three children all the love in the world they possibly could. His childhood home were in Kyoto. they lived at his grandparents for the first couple of years. Hiroshi suffered from anemia allready from his early childhood, and he had a terrible health. When his siblings played in the garden, and he couldn't go out, his mother used to play the piano and teached him to sing while doing so. She didn't want him to feel sad that he couldn't go out, so she wanted to distract him with something. She also teached all of her children to draw. The daughter loved to draw manga and anime characters, where the two boys just drew whatever they could look at, sometimes anime or manga was their subject too. a few years went by and when Hiroshi were around the age of 7 he had grown strong enough to go outside and play with the other two. That was about when his grandpa started to teach him and Ryuichi kendo, while the grandmother teached Tsukimo about teaceremonies. Hiroshi still spend a lot of time drawing, doing school work and singing aswell as he was very serious with his school work. But he didn't get to experience many more years than that in the peacefull life of his, as his grandparents passed away when he was in the age of 10 due to a car accident, the family decided to move to Nagoya. But nothing went right from now on. Hiroshi's father couldn't get used to the new surroundings, and to loose his parents had made deep scars on him. after only a year he lost his job, started to drink every night and used a lot of their savings money on it. His mother worked her ass off every day to pay the rent and the food, while her husband kept drinking, sulking and sometimes he even hit his wife. But the violence continued. when Hiroshi was 12, his world fell apart as he for the first time experienced his father hitting him. he had beated him serval times with his bare hands before he let him go. Hiroshi went to his room with a bleeding nose, crying all night. He didn't tell her mother nor the siblings. The next two years went on like that. Hiroshi had a hard time concentrating at school, and he were a very distant guy who rarely spoke to the others. After a while he started talking to his brother about what happened at home, and the relation between the two guys grew stronger and stronger. Ryuichi used to tell Hiroshi every day how beautiful, lovely and smart he was. He did his very best to keep his younger brother as happy as he could, did his best to give him some self esteem through the hard time.
The day came eventually, when they came home from school together, all 3 kids, found their father dead. he had been drinking himself to death.
It were traumatizing, and put deep scars down into his mind. But Ryuichi never gave up, and as he had been working part time for a while, he helped their mother to move once again. None of them wanted to stay around all the bad memories. This time they moved to Tokyo, where they have lived ever since. But nothing were the same. Even thou time killed the pain slowly, little by little, it never faded away completely. The mom started drinking a bit once in a while, but she never did it infront of her kids. she went out, tried to party and drink the pain away, but whenever she woke up the next morning, all her sorrow returned. Ryuichi moved out not much later, and now started his own tattoo shop as an older friend of his had been teaching him through the years. It didn't take many days before Hiroshi went there too and Ryuichi started to teach him all he knew. The two brothers were now closer than ever before, and sometimes they both got scared of how much they actually cared about one another. Hiroshi often stayed at his brother's place as he couldn't bare to stay home. They too practiced kendo together every now and then, and in general they did a lot of stuff together. Hiroshi started at a dance school where they teached him classic dance - but he also took classes in other types of dance. it wasn't his big passion, but he were quite skilled.
Time came, he graduated and entered high school. He had saved up money himself, and let his brother choose the school. He started at Sora gakuen due to his brother's advice. he knew how easily his younger brother was distracted by women, so he thought it would be better to let him go to an all boy school. But where he had been such a loving, weak kid, he had now grown into a violent troublemaker who always ended up in fights. he were close to getting expelled within the first week, but when his brother explained the principal their current life situation, it made somewhat an understanding. He decided to let Hiroshi stay, but with the warning that if he created more trouble like he did now, he wouldn't be as understanding.
Things settled down a bit, and slowly Hiroshi felt like he fitted in more or less.

Voice sample: [link]
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agentmanga Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012
Tiny-Midget Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2012  Hobbyist
makes you wanna join le group eh? 8D
agentmanga Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
I would if I could draw lDD but le yes maybe someday I dare put anything I draw up~
yui-cruz Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012
neenachii Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//takes future baby away from him :iconminghideplz:
Tiny-Midget Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist
you can't hide her forever :iconhideplz:
Trinkuh2 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i just have to say he is very sexy....and the kinda of guy my oc's go for.
phoenix509 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Student General Artist
Hmm. Is Hiroshi the type to randomly grope people?
I have an idea for my event picture but Idk any characters that would...
Tiny-Midget Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist
No not randomly.. but he is sorta perverted thou xD
But I would advice you to wait with the event picture until the ingame event have happened ^^
phoenix509 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Student General Artist
Haha. I guess. I just wanted to draw it ahead of time so I'd actually have a chance to work on it in class xD
Tiny-Midget Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist
aah xD well there will be some time to finish it after the event ingame too :3
phoenix509 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Student General Artist
True. True. I guess I'll have to wait 'til then...xD
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