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May 3, 2013
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FH: Izawa, Kenta by Tiny-Midget FH: Izawa, Kenta by Tiny-Midget
....... Okay.... I'll redo the face shot... OTL as soon as I get the time... There is a convention this weekend so I don't have time to finish it otherwise OTL

.... and... for once I tried to keep the bio short.... *is used to write a whole life biography xD;;;;*

I here give you my Albino stalker!

Name: Izawa, Kenta

Nicknames: Shiro-san/chan/kun (Shiro means white, he’s albino; makes sense, yes?), Iza-san

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Original or New Student: New student – he just enrolled high school

:bulletgreen: Being out at nighttime
:bulletgreen: Moonlight
:bulletgreen: sweets and candy
:bulletgreen: cute faces – he just wanna squeeze them
:bulletgreen: devoting himself to others
:bulletgreen: Listening to other people talking about themselves
:bulletgreen: Reading
:bulletgreen: swimming
:bulletgreen: heights and flying (no he can’t fly, but he loves to get up in the air)
:bulletgreen: love and romantic relations (he’s more or less obsessed )

:bulletred: Sunlight
:bulletred: Rejections
:bulletred: Cruel and cold people (cause they reject him)
:bulletred: spicy food
:bulletred: children
:bulletred: His poor health

Kenta is a poor tortured soul – or so he describes himself. According to himself he’s so very unfortunate and his life will always go wrong. How true this is can be taken up for discussion – in reality he’s just drowning himself in self-pity and is often busy with feeling sorry for himself. He’s often making up excuses for why he can’t do different things, and hides his laziness behind these excuses as well. He’s stubborn and determined; when he set’s his mind on something he’s not very likely to give up on it. He doesn’t talk much in his everyday life, but when he finds someone interesting he most likely won’t shut up with his curious questions. He appears to many people as being a passive human being who usually just minds his own business, but just as well as his talking, this only counts in when he’s not interested in people. If someone catches his interest he will stick to them like a piece of gum to the shoe. He’ll even go as far as forcing them to spend time with him, if that’s what he wants. In general he is a very egoistic guy who doesn’t often take other’s well being into consideration when making a decision.
Most people would describe Kenta as being creepy. When someone really catches his interest, he will do whatever he possibly can to obtain knowledge about the certain person, and he’ll do what he can to be near this one. It happens rarely to him thou that the interest becomes so great, and usually it’s combined with any sort of romantic feeling. He hasn’t ever tried to get his feelings returned as most people see him as a creep when he has feelings for them.
But Kenta is also a very loving person – when he feels like it. He love to do stuff for his friends to make them smile – this can be quite the contrast to his usually very egoistic behavior, but none the less it’s a part of his general personality.
Other words that fits him is “possessive” and “abusive”. This counts both when it comes to material stuff as well as people. He does not like people touching his belongings.
When it comes to school work he’s really not the brightest. His grades are… well…. horrible. He tries to work hard, but his focus is easily destroyed and he’ll end up throwing it all to the floor, blaming whatever he can possibly think of and then just give it up. Usually he’s very determined, but school work is simply just not his thing. All in all he’s not the type of guy who you would call intelligent. He tries to sound smart most of the time, but reality is that around half of the time he simply just doesn’t get what people are talking about.
He doesn’t really have any talents, but will try to obtain the abilities that are appreciated the most by the people he treasure the most.

:bulletblack: He’s having a bad habit of stalking people he finds interesting
:bulletblack: He can’t sleep with socks on
:bulletblack: He talk in his sleeps and walk around in his sleeps.

Kenta comes from an average household. He hasn’t ever been in the need of something important, nor did he drown in material stuff. Kenta is albino, and therefore he have always been the center of attention no matter where he went. as a child this made him insecure and closed, but as time passed by he got used to it. When being out door he is rarely seen without his sun umbrella and a pair of sunglasses. Of course this has always left him with issues when it came to playing with friends through his childhood. Kenta doesn’t have any siblings, so he always got a lot of attention from his parents. As a child he was often sick and it wasn’t rare for him to spend a week or two at the hospital from time to other.
Nothing out of the ordinary happened through his life. He never really managed to get a really close friend, as his slightly odd behavior scared most people off. But the few friends he did have was highly treasured by him. Eventually they would push him away as they got girlfriends and boyfriends. This always fascinated Kenta who spend a lot of time reading romance novels, dreaming of how his first lover would have an impact on his life.
Time came around for high school, and since his parents lived nearby furuya high this was an obvious choice.

Clubs: Newspaper

Additional Info:
He's 178 cm tall
He's allergic to most plants
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Powa-App Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lksfdj, he looks amazing <33 

Would you like to RP with me?
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thanx! If you write more or less detailed lit then yes <3
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What method do you prefer RPing with?
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chat or skype.. but right now I can't rp QAQ" I just got a new laptop and I still need a new keyboard for it, as this is an english keyboard but with the codings for my own country's keyboards.. so there are some important signs I can't write which I use for rp ._.
Powa-App Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, I will wait till you can RP OvO
tonettechan12 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
HI Ken-chan~! Watshi wa Kuro desu~
I'm a new enrollee~

*okay I'm being overly familiar but hi~! (:*
*introducing myself to the school*
let's RP sometime! (:
Tiny-Midget Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist
ah welcome to the group o 7 o

and sure rp, just write me a note with your skype or wait for me in the chat (I only write lit/paragraph rp= long posts, details about things and all that in the "novel" "literature" type ^^)
... But I might not be much online these days
tonettechan12 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
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Ah a fellow albino! :iconwooowplz:
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FayllonEngelle Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
I absolutely love your character! O//A//O Is it possible to rp with you....sometime?...If it's ok? But y'know i-if you don't want to! It's ok, a-ahah-ha.... //awkwardlyshrinks

My goodness, I'm awkward....sorry |||orz
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